How long is the tour?

The tours all aim to be 90 minutes long. We find that’s about the attention span of the average Banjo Billy passenger. However, we do occasionally run 5 to 10 minutes longer due to traffic or other circumstances beyond our control. Usually that’s not a problem, but if you’re on a tight schedule, we recommend taking the tour that suits your schedule the best.

I tried to buy tickets, but when I went to add them to my cart, it said there were only X left. I’m not trying to buy that many. What gives?

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I really, really, REALLY want to come on the tour, but for some reason I can’t buy tickets! What do I do?!

Don’t worry, you can always call our main line at (720) 938-8885 to purchase tickets, however you will need access to an email address and a printer to print them out.

What do you see on the tours?

All the tours give a good overview of the city, so the short answer is “everything worth seeing”. For more details, check out each tour’s page under the “Tours” tab.

Where do you meet?

Again, check out each tour’s page and you’ll find the address and a handy map.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

Unfortunately, we’ve recently had problems with allowing alcohol on tours and had to stop allowing it on public tours. Alcohol is still allowed on private tours, but to ensure everyone has a good time, we ask you leave the beers at home when taking a public tour.

How about dogs/cats/pet squirrels and other animals? Can I bring them?

For the sake of the animals, we ask you only bring helper animals such as seeing eye dogs. If you think about it, they could care less about human ghost stories.

How many people does your bus seat?

Each bus seats 25 adults. If there are a lot of kids, then we can get a few more than that.

Do you do private parties or transportation?

We certainly do. Check out our Private Tour page for more details.

Will you drive me to Red Rocks/Fort Collins/Illinois/Tokyo?

We sure will, but keep in mind there is a millage charge for extensive rides. Trips to Guam are exceedingly expensive. Also, it’s important to know that we are first and foremost a tour company, so if you aren’t interested in cool ghost stories and want to go long distances you may be better off with Greyhound.

Can I smoke on your bus?

If you take a good look, the answer becomes self-evident. The bus is made of wood, so the answer is no.

Do you offer group discounts?

All our group discounts come by way of taking a Private Tour. That lowers the per person price to about $18.

Can you go to Nederland? How about Sunshine Canyon?

Unfortunately, our buses don’t have what are called “electro magnetic retarders”, which means they can’t navigate steep hills. That means we can’t really take them into the mountains at all.

What about Refunds?

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