The Science of Chocolate?

Chocolate, the food of the gods. Dark, white, milk. Makes a tasty bar or a great dip for fruit. Cheers up the sad and spreads love. But where did it come from?

We usually write about events happening soon on this page, but when we heard about this we had to spread the word. From February 12 through May 8 next year, Chocolate: The Exhibit will be at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This exhibit promises to  “place chocolate under the lenses of science, history, and popular culture”.  We are guessing it will taste delicious too! Read more

Boulder and Denver Kick off the Holidays with Parades of Lights

Coloradans are a hearty breed. While a parade at night in December might seem like a bad idea to a lot of people, it certainly will not deter the folks in Denver and Boulder for turning out for the Parade of Lights.

Denver’s 9NEWS PARADE OF LIGHTS is so popular that it will take place on Friday and Saturday, December 4 and 5. The parade starts at 8pm on Friday and 6pm Saturday at Civic Center Park, heads down 17th to Arapahoe, then back up 15th to Glenarm. Read more

The Toys of Your Childhood are at the History Colorado Center

Did you ever have a Slinky, walking the stairs without a care, when you were a kid? Did you copy funnies from the newspaper with Silly Putty, then throw your Super Ball against the wall until you got bored and went and played with Gumby? If so, you are old. But you and your kids and grandkids might enjoy the Toys exhibit currently at the History Colorado Center in Denver.

The Toy’s of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s exhibit is will be at the History Colorado Center until the end of January. Like most good museum exhibits these days, you can not only learn about these toys, but about the people who invented them and how experts today view them. (Maybe those Rockem Sockem Robots you had when you are a kid is the reason you wanted to punch that guy in the Blue Man Group?). And, of course, you can play with them. A fun, nostalgic trip to the days when toys weren’t necessarily safe for kids of all ages. Read more