Spring Has Sprung, And So Has Our New Web Site

Hello folks, and welcome to the new Banjo Billy web site. We had been using the previous site for 8 years, and decided it was time for a few changes.  We think the new site is a little easier to use, and easier to find the information that you want. There are links to buy tickets easily found on every page, for when you are ready to hop on the bus. One of the main reasons for the new design was to make the site easier to use on mobile platform and we are pretty sure we have achieved that goal. We hope our customers enjoy using it.

We have also updated information about our team, and we added a new product!


ANNOUNCING BANJO BILLY’S BOULDER BREWERY TOUR! We have been doing private tours in Denver to some of the excellent craft breweries there, and now we’ve added the same type of tour in Boulder, where craft brewing began in Colorado. We have several excellent breweries lined up to serve beer and teach about the brewing process to our guests. That ought to get you to YEE HAAAWWWW!

SPRING SCHEDULE BEGINS THIS WEEK!  April is here, and that means we expand the number of tours we do in Denver and Boulder. You can now hop on the Denver tour at 1 and 3PM Friday-Sunday in Denver, and at 2 and 4PM the same days in Boulder.

Thanks again for all the support we get from our guests and the communities we deal with, and to Patrick Sandoval for designing our new web site.


Star Wars’ BB-8 Is From Boulder!

You may not have heard of this small art film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens which opened quietly just before Christmas, but a few people have seen it. In fact it had the highest grossing weekend of any movie in history. You might also be aware the George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, was one of the first film makers to see the commercial potential of extensive merchandise ties to his films.

Of course if you want to sell a lot of merchandise, you need cute characters to sell, and the cutest this year is the droid BB-8, who appears to be a soccer ball with a turret. The BB-8 you may have found under your Christmas tree this year came from a Boulder company called Sphero, which specializes in making “connected toys”. Read more

How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas

Here in the United States we celebrate Christmas with trees, Santa Claus, presents, and lots of food. And, for many of us, by getting snowed in at the airport trying to get home to see our parents, and sleeping on a bench in O’Hare airport. To religious Christians it is a sacred day, but to many other Americans, it is another fun American holiday.

These traditions all seem normal to us, but might seem odd to people from other cultures. We decided to check out some of the more unusual Christmas traditions around the world. Here are a few: Read more

The Science of Chocolate?

Chocolate, the food of the gods. Dark, white, milk. Makes a tasty bar or a great dip for fruit. Cheers up the sad and spreads love. But where did it come from?

We usually write about events happening soon on this page, but when we heard about this we had to spread the word. From February 12 through May 8 next year, Chocolate: The Exhibit will be at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This exhibit promises to  “place chocolate under the lenses of science, history, and popular culture”.  We are guessing it will taste delicious too! Read more

Boulder and Denver Kick off the Holidays with Parades of Lights

Coloradans are a hearty breed. While a parade at night in December might seem like a bad idea to a lot of people, it certainly will not deter the folks in Denver and Boulder for turning out for the Parade of Lights.

Denver’s 9NEWS PARADE OF LIGHTS is so popular that it will take place on Friday and Saturday, December 4 and 5. The parade starts at 8pm on Friday and 6pm Saturday at Civic Center Park, heads down 17th to Arapahoe, then back up 15th to Glenarm. Read more

The Toys of Your Childhood are at the History Colorado Center

Did you ever have a Slinky, walking the stairs without a care, when you were a kid? Did you copy funnies from the newspaper with Silly Putty, then throw your Super Ball against the wall until you got bored and went and played with Gumby? If so, you are old. But you and your kids and grandkids might enjoy the Toys exhibit currently at the History Colorado Center in Denver.

The Toy’s of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s exhibit is will be at the History Colorado Center until the end of January. Like most good museum exhibits these days, you can not only learn about these toys, but about the people who invented them and how experts today view them. (Maybe those Rockem Sockem Robots you had when you are a kid is the reason you wanted to punch that guy in the Blue Man Group?). And, of course, you can play with them. A fun, nostalgic trip to the days when toys weren’t necessarily safe for kids of all ages. Read more