Only A Few Months Left to See the Leanin Tree Museum

Do you like western art? If so, you may want to get to the Gunbarrel neighborhood of Boulder before the end of August to visit the Leanin Tree Museum and Sculpture Garden.


The art in the Leanin Tree museum is owned by Ed Trumble, who owns the Leanin Tree Greeting Cards company. The 92 year old Trumble has decided to auction his collection in Scottsdale, AZ later this year.

The collection consists of over 300 paintings and 200 bronze sculptures by a variety of western artists. The museum was started in 1974, when Trumble bought what was then farmland to build a facility to house Leanin Tree’s manufacturing facility, which shares the grounds with the museum. There is a gallery inside, and an outdoor garden with large metal sculptures like the one shown above. It’s a pretty hard place to miss, as many of the sculptures are visible from well outside the fence surrounding the property. You can also get a tour of the greeting card plant while you’re there.

Stop in and see this magnificent collection of western art while it is still together in Boulder. And let out a big “YEEEE HAAAAAA!” while you’re there. It’s very appropriate, just like it is on the Banjo Billy Bus.

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