Happy Holidays From Banjo Billy…and that includes Boxing Day!

In the United States we celebrate Christmas as a national holiday. Many Americans don’t realize that in much of the rest of the western world, the day after Christmas is also a holiday. December 26 is Boxing Day, and it has nothing to do with having a fist fight with the relatives you spent Christmas day with.


It is an English tradition that the day after Christmas was the day that servants received a Christmas Box from their employers. This has now extended into what is known as a “bank holiday” in England. Canada also celebrates Boxing Day as a holiday. In the United States, we call it “the day we take the ugly sweater back to the store”.

This year, with Christmas on a Sunday, Boxing Day will also be a holiday for most Americans. So, Banjo Billy’s will be doing tours in Denver and Boulder at 1pm. Get your relatives out of your house and onto our bus!


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