BOO!! It’s Ghost Tour Season!

Things that go bump in the night! Furniture moving around the room! Cold spots! People who appear from nowhere, then disappear! If any of those things are your idea of fun, then October is the month for you on the Banjo Billy Bus.


Saturday, October 1, is the first day of Ghost Tour Season on the Banjo Billy Bus. Come join us in Denver and Boulder at 6 and 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sundays at 4pm for some harrowing ghost stories. Learn what went on at the Croak Patterson mansion, why people sometimes can’t move when they lay on the grass at Cheeseman Park, and who keeps moving pictures in the Firefighters Museum.  Find out where you can find Boulder’s only lynching victim, who you might meet in the elevator of the Hotel Boulderado, and who that misbehaving boy is in the Montgomery House. Those tails and much more are revealed in our extremely popular ghost tours. And it all happens on the coolest bus in town.

If you like ghosts, you’ll want to get your tickets early. Some of our tours are already close to selling out.

We hope to see you this year for a “spirited good time”!

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