Watch for Coloradans in Rio!

The US Olympic Team is usually full of Coloradans when the Winter Olympics come around. That is not a surprise to anyone, since our mountains are the greatest winter playground in the world. But the Summer Olympics, kicking off in Rio this Friday, is also hosting many Coloradans, including one of the big stars of the last Summer Games.


18 Coloradans will compete in Rio in the next few weeks. The most famous of them is swimmer Missy Franklin, who grew up in Centennial and was still a student at Regis Jesuit High School 4 years ago when she won 4 gold medals. Franklin, who always seems to be smiling, is expected to have another hoard of gold to get through US customs when she returns home this year. I guess we’d all always be smiling if we came in first all the time!

Anyone who has spent any time in our state will not be surprised to learn that Colorado is sending cyclists and runners to Rio. 4 Coloradans are on the US cycling team. The most likely medalist is Taylor Phinney, whose mom Connie Carpenter-Phinney won Olympic gold on a bike herself, and whose father Davis was also a professional rider. The Boulder High grad is a strong competitor in the time trial.

Banjo Billy wishes all Olympians a safe and fun time in Rio. And Missy Franklin, you can trade us a gold medal for a ticket on any of our tours!

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